All Things Pickle Gift Guide

All Things Pickle Gift Guide

With Picklesburgh happening this weekend, we thought we'd share about all things pickles in our shop! Picklesburgh was named America's best speciality food festival. Each year all pickle-lovers and food adventurers come together on the Andy Warhol Bridge to have pickle drinks, pickle pizza, pickle cotton candy, and pretty much anything else you can think of.

Here are our favorite local pickle gifts: 

Pickle Ornament

This Pickle Ornament by HeartfeltbyJulia is every pickle-lovers favorite gift! Have you ever heard of the Christmas Pickle tradition? The tradition is that the first person to find the pickle ornament on the tree on Christmas morning gets to either open gifts first or that they get an extra gift. Don't forget your Christmas Pickle this year!


Dill Pickle Salt

If you know someone who can't get enough pickle in their life, this salt seasoning is just for them! Make anything dill-flavored and take pickling to a whole new level. 


Salt Stack Gift Pack

Who has that one friend that will order a Pickleback drink? This Salt Stack comes with drink recipes for more ways to include dill pickle with your drinks. Pair it with our Rivers Stripe Shot Glass to complete the gift!


Bridge Bookmark

Since Picklesburgh is held on the Andy Warhol bridge, one of the sister bridges, this bookmark pairs perfectly with any pickle gift. 


Three Sisters Bridge Koozie

Or maybe you need a koozie to keep your pickle beer cold? This Three Sisters Bridge Koozie is a perfect keepsake for your time at Picklesburgh! 


We hope these gifts will make your pickle-lover smile! 

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