All Things Fall Gift Guide

All Things Fall Gift Guide

When we think of fall, we think of all things warm and cozy. Whether it be the warmth of a sweatshirt, a steaming cup of coffee, or the comforting scent of incense, we love embracing all that Autumn has to offer. Here are some seasonal products for passing along the fall vibes.

love, glass mugs

Who doesn't need at least one more mug? These Love, glass mugs are new to the shops and such an exceptional gift idea. Holding a little over 12 oz they are the perfect pairing for hot or cold drinks. Even better, they are microwave and dishwasher safe! 

hot cocoa spoons

Life is sweet, why not make it even sweeter with Sarris' hot cocoa spoons? The hot cocoa spoons are fantastic to gift alone or with one of our mugs. If you're looking for a delicious twist, try adding the hot cocoa spoon to a cup of coffee.

maple syrup

On a chilly fall morning, pancakes and waffles are a comfort. The best addition to pancakes and waffles is maple syrup. One wonderful thing about Pennsylvania is being able to have maple syrup produced in the state. Roseum's maple syrup is sustainably sourced and so tasty!

Steel City Salt co.

Spices are an enjoyable gift all season long, but as we dive into fall, seasoning hearty meals with Steel City Salt is a flavorful gift-giving idea. Dream team member, Nohemi, uses steel town garlic and herb when making pasta with veggies and spicy Italian sausage. We also have a recipe for honey sage butter pasta using some of the other spices we have in shops.

All things cozy

Living in Pittsburgh, we're used to the cold, right? A favorite way to embrace the chilly weather is to stock up on all your cozy layers. Sweatshirts and beanies are a must, and luckily we have a few spectacular options. If you are interested in repping Pittsburgh, our Rivers Stripe hoodie and beanie are fantastic ideas. Have you seen our stylish love, collection yet? You're sure to fall in love with at least one piece. Another oh-so-cozy beanie we carry is the heritage beanie. This hand crocheted hat comes in two neutral colors which makes them easy to add to any outfit!

Fall Scents

Sometimes fall brings a lot of precipitation, especially in the Burgh. On a chilly, rainy, fall day-- sit back and relax with the scent of this stormy nights incense. PSquare Scents' incenses stay burning for around 40 minutes and leave your home smelling so amazing. 



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