AAA Animals League Launch

AAA Animals League Launch

The AAA League: Allegheny Animals With Attitude

We are super excited to be a part of the launch of AAA: Allegheny Animals with Attitude!

A line of apparel and accessories celebrating the wild animals of Allegheny County that really do not have time for their human neighbor’s foolishness.

Neighborhood pride and pride of place is core to Pittsburgh identity. TripleAAA provides joy, humor and just as importantly a way to look at the beyond human family of neighbors of Pittsburgh. This project will be a way to connect artist with the art and neighbors in a way that some other forms of public art does not – you are literally wearing the art work on your body. With a wide variety of neighborhoods of Pittsburgh and boroughs of Allegheny County the possibilities are, if not limitless, extensive. The crowd sourcing nature of capturing the names of teams and neighborhoods also engages people before the items actually drop.

Wild Turkeys Of Mount Washington

Benjamin Franklin believed the national bird since unlike the eagle, it is native only to the Americas. The regal quality and proud demeanor is captured in this design. A celebration of the Wild Turkeys of Mt. Washington. Art by Anire Mosley

Grubby Groundhogs Of Sugar Top

Sugar Top. The Hill District is one of the most dynamic neighborhoods in America. Periodt, and has been this way for well over a century. From the writings of August Wilson, to the piano chiara’s of Mary Lou Williams and the camera shutter of Teenie Harris. We suspect even the grubby groundhogs have swag. Art by Naomi Chambers

Squirrels Of The Mexican War Streets

Mexican War Streets Squirrels do not care about anything, even the busy traffic on North Avenue doesn’t stop them from gathering what they need – or visiting the museums, books stores and more in the neighborhood. Looks like they even have time for a legendary Gus and YiaYia’s Ice balls. What flavor though? Art by Jegan Mones

Wild Turkeys Of Mount Washington recently spotted:

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