A Refreshing Senior Year

A Refreshing Senior Year

As I am writing this blog post, I am only three days away from attending my last (virtual) undergrad class at Pitt. It is a wild feeling, but it is so exhilarating. This year has definitely brought me some unexpected struggles, but I began to learn how important it is to admire the beauty in the small things.

A quick rewind to August 2020, I was moving into my South Oakland college apartment in 90 degree weather with zero AC. I also had zero clue what I was getting myself into. I had no post-grad plans and on top of that, the semester was beginning completely remote. During winter break, I began to get overwhelmed with my job search. I started to apply to random internships for the spring semester and was not having any luck, until I applied to love, Pittsburgh. 

I remember reading the job description and I thought to myself: “this is the perfect one.” Fast forward to January, I interviewed and was offered the position and I was thrilled to accept. It seems like just yesterday that I had my first meeting with Kelly and Monica and now I am about to have my last. 

During my 10-week internship, I learned the importance of trusting your gut when working independently. Kelly and Monica allowed me to work on projects that I was comfortable with, but I was also able to step out of my comfort zone. One of my majors is Business Information Systems and I used to think that I was not ‘smart’ enough in the technology realm of business, but I was able to prove myself wrong (woohoo) as an intern this spring.

Having two amazing women as mentors throughout the course of my internship kept me motivated. In a society where women are not always equally represented, being surrounded by such driven and ambitious women showed me just how attainable it is to be successful as a woman in business. 

My weekly meetings with Kelly and Monica allowed me to really think outside the box. I was able to improve my blog writing, research new alternatives for existing problems within the business, and work on a very special project that allowed me to dig deep and think like an entrepreneur. During the 10-week time span of my internship, I was also interviewing for full-time jobs and my internship experience allowed me to feel so confident in my interviews (plus all the positive words of encouragement from Kelly and Monica). I was actually able to land my dream job as an Inventory Planning Teammate at American Eagle Outfitters. I am excited to carry the skills that I gained while being an intern at love, Pittsburgh with me in this next chapter of life. 

This past year definitely was not what I had in mind for my senior year of college. However, this year taught me how important quality over quantity is, how soothing it is to be alone with your thoughts, and how refreshing it is to take a step back from the crowded world. I am so thankful that I took on the responsibility of an internship during my last semester of college, but I think it was just how amazing love, Pittsburgh is that made my experience so special.

So now I sign off as an intern, but I look forward to visiting the shops in the future!

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