A Small Guide to Crystals and Journaling

A Small Guide to Crystals and Journaling

My Experience

Throughout this past year, we all have had to quickly adjust to an isolated lifestyle, trying to find new hobbies and activities to keep our minds busy.  Doing this, while entertaining, was sure to only last us for a short amount of time before we became bored out of our minds (I'm sure yinz agree!).   Myself, and many others, quickly found that options were starting to run out when it came to staying occupied. Yet, at the same time, it seemed as though options were endless to what we may be able to try next.  This back and forth internal debate can really put a toll on motivation, energy, and mental health as a whole. 

 During this time of feeling stuck, I personally felt as though I needed a hobby that doubled as a de-stressor and something that could encourage me to work on myself mentally.  This, for me, was finding crystals and working on an affirmation journal.  

Now, I know, that may sound intimidating, but I promise it can be such a healing and grounding experience!  Besides being pretty to look at, crystals serve an important purpose with their presence.  As I'm sure you had once learned in school, everything in the universe contains energy.  This law also applies to crystals, and over the course of human existence, each type of crystal has been categorized with a specific type of energy and how to use that energy in different aspects of life.  

Finding Crystals

When it comes to picking out which crystals are best for you, there really is no wrong choice.  You can go into picking one with specific intentions, or with no intentions at all.  Letting a crystal pick you can be the best option because it is the energy you are drawn to, which is most likely the one that would benefit you the most.  There is also the option of researching what each kind of crystal can do for you, and choosing one that you feel would be the best fit for your life in the moment. My personal favorite is Black Tourmaline, which is great for protection and presenting a calming energy.  It is said that keeping it in your pocket while you travel or under your passenger seat in the car is best for the protective energy it possesses.   

Crystals can be used purely for decoration as well as for energy.  Here in love, Pittsburgh, we carry the artist by the name of Tal & Bert.  They create crystal creations of the most beautiful sort, ranging from teal light candle holders, mini planters, and vessels for your cute knick knacks.  All of these pieces can be found on our website and in-store, and also at talandbert.com!  Tal & Bert Apatite Geode Vessel

There are also a few crystal shops located downtown and in the general Pittsburgh area. My personal favorite, Crystal River Gems, is located downtown on the first floor of the Highmark building. They have crystal selections of every kind, shape, color, and purpose. You can find beautiful home decorations, jewelry, and rough cut crystals to start your collection.  Happy shopping!

Starting a Journal

Recently, I have also gotten into journaling.  Journaling is a fantastic way to write out your day, your stresses, or anything you feel like.  The beauty of journaling is that there is no wrong way to do so.  One type of journaling I have started is an affirmation journal.  Affirmations are thoughts that you know to be true or are wanting to be true.  The idea of an affirmation journal is to write these positive affirmations in a journal with the idea that they will be achieved, and to visualise the direction in which you would like to move forward.  

Each morning, it can be healing to the mind and spirit to write down affirmations and to start the day with good energy.  For example, one of these positive notes may say, “Today I am happy, and I will continue to have a great day to the best of my ability.”  The idea behind these journals is to stay positive, and to learn that we are the makers of our own happiness, and can help us learn that if scenarios do not go as planned, we can still keep a positive outlook. 

Here in store, we carry plenty of materials to start your journaling process, such as the brand toomanysparkles.  She makes the cutest one-of-a-kind notebooks of all sizes and personalities.  You are bound to find one that is calling your name.  Another journal we carry by Twelve/Twenty Studio named “This is A Safe Space for Wild Thoughts”  contains blank pages and a perfectly unique cover, the best for letting your creativity run wild.  Don’t forget to check out our pens and pencils to get your journal started! Stop in and say hello, we’d love to see you! 

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