Spooky Side Of Pittsburgh

Spooky Side Of Pittsburgh

Hey yinz, gather 'round! We're about to dive into the spirited history of the Steel City. Did you know that Pittsburgh has a ghostly side that's just as lively as a Steelers tailgate?

1. The Ghosts of the Inclines

Photo courtesy Atlas Obscura

First stop on our ghost tour is the inclines. You might think they're just a beautiful way to get from Mount Washington to Downtown, but did you know they're haunted? Legend has it that the spirits of steelworkers who built those inclines still ride them at night. Can't blame them, though; those views are to die for!

2. The Ghoulish Residents of Duquesne University

Photo Courtesy Duquesne University

Now, over to Duquesne University we go. While students are hitting the books, the ghosts are hitting up the library. The Gumberg Library is said to be home to a ghostly librarian who rearranges the books when nobody's looking.

3. A Bizarre Encounter at Kennywood

Photo courtesy of Kennywood

Our next spooky adventure takes us to Kennywood. Keep an eye out for the ghost of a former ride operator. Legend has it he still checks the safety bars on the Ghostwood Estate ride. Safety first, even in the afterlife!

4. Spirits in the Steel City

photo courtesy Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Now, let's talk about the steel mills, the heart of Pittsburgh's industrial past. Some say the echoes of hammers and the clang of steel still resonate in the night. Happen to be in the Strip District after dark? Listen closely, and you might catch the ghostly chatter of steelworkers discussing the day's production over an Iron City beer.


From haunted inclines to spectral librarians, Pittsburgh has a spooky side if you dare to explore.

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