7 Thoughtful Thanksgiving Host Gifts

7 Thoughtful Thanksgiving Host Gifts

‘Tis the season to be thankful.  There are so many ways to celebrate Thanksgiving, whether it be with family, friends, or even the family you find at work.  Throughout your November gatherings, make sure to arrive bearing a gift for the gracious host.  Here are several options to guarantee you are invited back for future celebrations.


1. Salt and pepper gift set

Spice it up with a salt and pepper duo from Steel City Salt. Pink Himalayan sea salt will dress up any table, and freshly ground Tellicherry Peppercorns give those mashed potatoes a delicious kick.



2. Olive Oil

Every pantry deserves a tasty olive oil. The Liokareas family has an olive orchard in Kalamata, Greece. The olives are brought to Pittsburgh, where they are cold-pressed into a pleasantly pungent, medium-sweet Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


3. Charcuterie board

Help with any hors d oeuvres prep by bringing a Charcuterie board. Ron Rademacher lovingly utilizes upcycled hardwoods in his beautiful boards and trays.



4. Home Tea Towel

Who doesn’t love a tea towel? Our new embroidered “HOME” towel comes in several colors, guaranteed to complement any decor. (Pro tip: we also have an apron version.)



5. LOVE Soap

Every home needs soap, and the hallway powder room gets dressed up with a handmade soap from Arbor House Soaps. Try our signature LOVE scent in a full or half bar.  Or the festive balsam and cedar soap that smells as good as it looks.



6. Curly Tail Coffee

Coffee is always a welcome refreshment to relax after a celebratory meal. Nicole at Curly Tail roasts up some small batch delicious blends, and what is more Thanksgiving than Pumpkin Spice? Consider putting some whipped cream in your coffee, and turning it into dessert mmmmm….



7. love, Pittsburgh tote

Finally, how about the gift that keeps on giving? Our namesake canvas bag can tote the Thanksgiving drinks, and leave it for the host to reuse. Everyone wins. 

We hope your Thanksgiving is a happy one!

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