6 Instagram Accounts for Yinz to Follow

6 Instagram Accounts for Yinz to Follow

Instagram is my favorite app for discovering new content. Aside from @LovePittsburghShop; however, finding a good account worth following can be difficult. Here is a list of six of my favorite Instagram accounts to keep your feed fresh and fun. 

Pittsburgh Memes - @PittsburghPersonified

Full of niche jokes made exclusively for Yinzers, @PittsburghPersonified posts memes about the Steel City on the daily. The account pokes lighthearted fun at different neighborhoods, our sports teams, the beloved Sheetz, and anything that only a Pittsburgher will understand and relate to. If you need a little serotonin boost to your feed, this is the account to follow. 

Skateboarding Dog -  @Rowdy_Dachsaund

I'm a new dachshund owner, so I’ve gotten a massive increase of weiner dog content on my feed. One of the new accounts I’ve recently come across is @rowdy_dacshaund. Rowdy is not just any ordinary dog, however, she roams around sunny LA on a skateboard. How cool is that?! I have no idea how a dog acquired such a talent, but it is the perfect account to bring some sunshine and happiness to your screen this winter.

Healing - @WereNotReallyStrangers 

Sometimes, life can get tough. @WerenotReallyStrangers will allow you to think deep and to open up to yourself and others. This account covers topics from breakups to stress to feeling overworked or anxious. The goal of this account is to build a community through demonstrating that nobody is alone. And if you like their instagram, the creator has also made a card game that you can play to deepen your relationships with others.

Music - @TowaBird 

As an A&R and music journalist, finding talent is something I do every day. One artist I’ve been obsessed with over the past year is @TowaBird. Her cool style and crazy guitar skills have helped her gain a huge social media following and for good reason. This instagram is one to follow if you want something groovy, fun, and effortless to your feed.

Art - @Redfishbowl_studios 

Redfish bowl is a really fun art gallery and studio located in the heart of Pittsburgh’s Lawrenceville. The @Redfishbowl_studios Instagram account posts content of works created by the talented artists featured in the gallery. I love this account because it makes it easy to view the work of different artists around the city. 


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