5 Gifts For Cat Lovers

5 Gifts For Cat Lovers

Almost every employee at love, Pittsburgh has a furry fourlegged friend that they're obsessed with. We are also obsessed with these cat lover inspired gifts. Looking for a cat-related gift? Read below, we've got the crazy cat lady (or guy) in your life covered.

What Up Nerds Print

If the cat lover in your life is a fan of art prints, the cheeky cat What Up Nerds print from Hey Beast is purrfect for them. This orange kitty was a product of an “illustration a day project” where Jeff Brunner drew different critters for 365 days.

Cats Die Alone Card

Looking for a card for that crazy cat lady who might just have too many cats in her life? Look no further. The “Cats. Can’t live with them, can’t die alone without them,” card from Sapling Press is the one and blank inside for you to write your own message. Everyone giggles when they see this card on our wall in the shop (probably because it’s true).

Cats Meow Onesie

This kitty onesie from Garbella features an adorable illustration of two kittens. If your little one is obsessed with all things that meow and looks cute in grey, you can’t pass this onesie up!

Mini Cats Sticker Pack

Emily McGaughey has a sticker pack for everyone, including cat lovers. The Mini Cats Sticker Pack features 24 quirky cat themed stickers. We’ve seen them used for everything from planners to bikes.

Kitty Cuff

The Studebaker Kitty Cuff is a classy bracelet for any cat lover out there. Made out of polished brass, you can wear it with anything and are sure to get compliments. Our favorite part about this bracelet is that “Pittsburgh” is engraved on the inside. This cuff is at the end of its nine lives, but we still have a few in the shop.

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