30 Pittsburgh Women Artists You Can Support Now

30 Pittsburgh Women Artists You Can Support Now

We love how we are able to lead from our unique perspective as a women-owned small business. We believe that supporting other women creates more opportunities for each of us. As Kelly often quotes, "A rising tide lifts all ships." Read on about how we feature over 100 female artists and makers, and more ways on how you can shop women-owned.


30 Women Artists from Pittsburgh

It means so much to us when people share that they chose to so with us because we are women-owned.  We love bragging about the female artists we carry, after all they make some of the best art!  Here are 30 of the female artists we carry in our stores that you should support now.

1. strawberryluna

Created by Allison Glancey of strawberryluna in Garfield.  Allison's art is full of bold color, fun, and vibrant, just like her.


2. Worker Bird

Created by Kim Fox of Worker Bird in Mount Lebanon.  Kim's creative eye translates the everyday into her specific vision of the world around her. Her hugely loved Bridges art is the perfect representation of our City Of Bridges.



3. Annie Heisey

Annie Heisey is an artist and educator living and working in her native city of Pittsburgh, PA. Her paintings hover on the edge of dissolution, questioning what is real and what is simply paint.


4. KloRebel Art

Created by Kirsten Lowe-Rebel of KLoRebel Art in Lawrenceville.  Kirsten's art reflects the architecture, landmarks, and grit of Pittsburgh. Her beautiful skylines and landscapes are showcased on cards, coasters, and more.



5. Sophia Fang

Created by Sophia Fang of Shadyside.  Her watercolor paintings are love letters to the simpler things in life and the hyperlocal treasures around us.


6. Winter Pickle Press

Winter Pickle Press is created by British Becky Compeau in Bloomfield. After moving to Pittsburgh in 2015 and suffering a bit of a printmaking drought, she got back into it and started Winter Pickle Press in late 2019.


7. Keeney Design

Created by Rachel Keeney of Keeney Design in Crafton.  Rachel is a graphic designer and illustrator, who recently completed a month-long drawing challenge to draw one bird per day.


8. Red Cottage Fiber Studio

Red Cottage Fiber Studio is the home and workplace of artist Erin Carlson of Sewickly. Red Cottage focuses on practical handwoven textiles and realistic needle felted animals often arranged and photographed in whimsical scenes. The gardens are integral to the spirit and mission of Red Cottage and are meant to provide inspiration to the front yard vegetable gardener and highlight experiments in gardening for wildlife support, beneficial insects, birds, and composting.



Created by Atiya Jones of TWELVE\TWENTY STUDIO in Polish Hill.  Atiya creates beautiful abstract art that is filled with movement.


10. Meshwork Press

Meshworks Press is an artist-run print shop in Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania that uses our letterpress and screen printing expertise to create a space where creativity finds a comfortable home. When they're not printing their own cards or creating work for various clients, they provide a space for young people to get inky and learn about the wonderful world where ink and big ideas mesh.


11. Sapling Press

Created by Lisa Krowinski of Sapling Press in Lawrenceville. Lisa heads this letterpress design and print shop, using 7 in-house presses and a wicked sense of humor.


12. bebe blu designs

Botanical elements and scenes of nature inspire Upper St Clair's Debbie Barbarita's digital artwork. Her beautiful designs she has dedicated to her younger sister (whom she refers to as the 'artist in the family' ) Paula.


13. Blue Sky Books

Annette Hostoffer (Blue Sky Books) writes and publishes children's books that provide fun learning


14. City Life Adventures

Carla Cardello, of Reserve Township, is a photographer who focuses on the streets and bridges of Pittsburgh.


15. Djoi Designs

 Created by Florence Smith of Wilkins Township, Djoi Designs creates minimalist jewelry in precious metals and handmade leather goods.



16. Idia'dega

Created by Tereneh Idia of Idia'Dega in the Northside.  Tereneh collaborates with Oneida and Maasai women on her hand-crafted jewelry.


17. Emily McGaughey

Created by Emily McGaughey in Lawrenceville.  Emily's digital designs are loved by both young and old. Each illustration brings a wide smile.



18. Emmanuelle Ceramics

Created by Emmanuelle Wambach of Squirrel Hill.  Inspired by her mother's love of gardening and textiles, Emmanuelle combines simple forms with lace textures to create ceramic dinnerware and decor. By preserving lace in clay, she creates ceramic gardens and tapestries honoring the arts her mother taught her.  Together the lace texture, clay, and glaze, form pieces that capture a moment in time and creates heirlooms that
can last a lifetime.


19. Collarbone Jewlery

Collarbone Jewelry is a fashion jewelry line made in the Friendship neighborhood of Pittsburgh by Cat Luck.  Her jewelry is inspired by the raw esthetics of the natural world and is made using brass, base metal, raw stones, and unique charms. 


20. LGG Creative Art

Created by Leslie Green Guilbault in Spring Hill. Leslie is a Roycroft Artisan in Ceramic Art specializing in wheel-thrown porcelain art pieces, functional pottery, bone carving, mixed media wall art, handmade jewelry, and 1:12 scale miniatures.


21. LuluZ Design

 Created by Lindsay Spinola of Shaler.  LuluZ Design provides laughter, community and smiles, through the creation of unique Pittsburgh themed gifts.


22. Garbella

Created by Amy Garbark of garbella in Lawrenceville.  Amy's handscreened creations ooze Pittsburgh love.


23. Mary Mack Prints

Created by Mary Tremonte of Mary Mack Prints in Observatory Hill. Mary is a printmaker, activist, DJ, and educator. Through her brand, she creates artwork intended for daily activation. Her inclusive, queer-centered designs manifest in a myriad of lively products, including hankies, scarves, posters, and stitched badges – all of which foster interdependence, respect, and love.



24. Yeahyelhsa

Created by Ashley Devine of YEAHYELHSA.  Ashley has developed her signature graphic design style where she illustrates minimalist icons with smooth lines and curves.


25. OC Glass

Created by Jessica Miceli of OC Glass in Bloomfield.  Jessica creates beautiful, light catching stained glass pieces.


26. Whitehall Pottery

Created by Heidi of Whitehall Pottery in Baldwin, PA.  Heidi hand throws her clay pieces and uses a variety of glazing techniques to achieve different colors and textures in each one of a kind piece.


27. You Can Call Me YOKO

Created by the three sisters of You Can Call Me YOKO in North Oakland.  You Can Call me YOKO designs and creates 100% handmade gemstone and crystal jewelry in their Oakland home studio out of high quality crystals, gemstones, glass, wood, gold plated brass, sterling silver, gold filled accents.  They draw inspiration from nature, surroundings and experiences, to create combination that generates visual beauty together with the energy of the stone itself.


28. Moss and Fern

Created by Amber and Jeanie of Moss and Fern in Whitehall, PA.  They funnel their love of gardening and hiking into plant based botanical designs, terrariums, and more.


29. Yesterday's Clouds

Created by Amber Hartung of Whitehall.  Amber captures the beauty in fleeting images of clouds painting the sky.


30. toomanysparkles

Created by Kelly Sanders of toomanysparkles in Mount Lebanon.
Kelly upcycles donated fabric into one-of-a-kind notebooks, cards, and art. She recently launched a line of printed notebooks, inspired by local creativity.


More Ways We Celebrate Women

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