12 Team Favorites for Black Friday and Small Business Saturday

12 Team Favorites for Black Friday and Small Business Saturday

Yes, our shop is full of treasures.  Yes, we have some of the best gifts in all of the burgh.  And yes, it takes several trips around the shop to see it all!  

Because we don't want you to miss a thing, we have asked the gals who know the most about the shop, our lovely team, to share what they would splurge on with the sales we are having on Black Friday and Small Business Saturday weekend!


I would splurge on the Lagoon Deco Dagger Drop Earrings from Broken Plates because I love their uniqueness and the color.  Everyone who comes in the shop compliments them and I’m sure the compliments double when they’re on ears. Another item I’d splurge on is Coded Clay’s Bud Vase.  Its pattern is amazing and the fact that its a 3D printed piece of ceramic makes it serve as a great conversation piece.


Kelly Y.

I love the simplicity of the design of the Moop Tiny Clutch in charcoal.  It’s both comfy and sophisticated at the same time.  I'd also pick up the Balsam and Cedar Soap by Arbor House Soaps, it makes your whole bathroom smell like Christmas.  A great way to wash away holiday stress.


The Studebaker Workshop Cuff is a timeless, classic piece that goes with everything.  And the love, Pittsburgh enamel pin is a perfect small gift to say, “Hey, Pittsburgh is awesome and so are you!” I’d put it on my jean jacket or backpack.


My splurges are two items that you have to shop in-store for.  I can pretty much tell you I love them more than any two items in the shop.  Bombabird’s Bud Vase combined with Moss and Fern's Large Pressed Botanical. Love these two together because it is the perfect pairing on minimalism and dainty that brings simplicity and sophistication to any counter or shelf. 



There are so many things I already have from the shop, but there are a couple of things I've been holding out for.  I'd definitely splurge on the 18k Gold Rose Quartz Studs from Maverick.  They're gorgeous, and I would wear them all the time because I love the gold that surrounds the raw stones.  I have also been fawning over the art we carry by Annie Heisey.  We are so happy to have a few of her originals in the shop, and I really love the print titled "Sunset For Laura" because sunsets and this art fill me with joy.


Kelly S.

There is finally a pair of earrings that make me wish I had holes in my ears again, and it's these magical beaded beauties by Idia'dega.  The Evening Sky dangle earrings in New Moon are my favorite and would get tons of mileage at holiday parties.  Speaking of ears, I want to keep mine warm under this cozy hand-crocheted hat by Busy Hook Happy Heart.  The cream-colored yarn and faux fur pom keep away the cold in the cutest way.

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