10 Ways to Stay Sustainable This Fall

10 Ways to Stay Sustainable This Fall

As gardening season comes to an end, we continue to look for ideas to stay sustainable through each season. We included your suggestions here that can be easily adopted for everyday use. 

Here are sustainable tips to practice this fall: 

  1. Shop with reusable cloth bags. Keep our love, Pittsburgh Tote in your car for unexpected shopping trips.
  2. Use fabric napkins and tea towels instead of paper towels.
    Our Tie Dye Napkins and Home Tea Towels are just as useful as they are cute! 
  3. Purchase secondhand & local clothing and footwear. Pittsburgh has amazing vintage shops and resources.
  4. Consider solid bar shampoo, conditioner, and face wash (eliminating the use of plastic bottles).
    Check out Lovett's Charcoal Soap and Shampoo Bar.  
  5. Partner with local farms for a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). You can find a local farm by your county and many farms offer year-round produce. Learn more here. 
  6. Take note of anything you use everyday that is disposable. Research ways you can replace those items with a reusable product.
  7. Go for a nice cool walk and take a paper bag and gloves so that you can pick up any litter along the way. 
  8. While it's beginning to be too cold to dry laundry outside, opt for a clothing rack indoors! Drying clothes inside is a great way to also humidify your home during dry colder weather. 
  9. When working from home, turn off all the lights you don't need and layer up so that you can keep your house temperature a little cooler. Bring a little bit of warmth, fall scents, and brightness to your workspace by lighting one of our fall soy candles
  10. Let your family and friends know before the holiday season that you would like gifts supporting your favorite local businesses. 

We hope these inspire new ideas to stay environmentally mindful throughout the season. Share your fall sustainability tips with us on Instagram @lovepittsburghshop!

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