10 Best Candles Made in Pittsburgh

10 Best Candles Made in Pittsburgh

There are so many reasons to love candles. The thrown shadows and soft light, a favorite scent, the relaxing atmosphere. Whether creating a festive mood for a party or looking to relax alone, we gotcha covered in the candle department this season.


Shimmering Darkness 

Created in partnership with Kayla from PGH Candle, Shimmering Darkness became our inspiration for this holiday season. From flickering candle light and glowing holiday bulbs, to celebratory fireworks, this candle represents when Pittsburgh sparkles after the sun goes down.


The Towel

“The jig is up the news is out, they finally found me” Did anyone else see the video of Styx at the Casino? The towels were out! Our exclusive The Towel candle, made by Amanda at North Ave Candles, has a crisp cotton scent, minus any hint of sweaty palms.


Essential Pittsburgh Candle Sampler Box

Speaking of The Towel, this sampler set is Pittsburgh through and through. Sample the “Burgh with this set full of Pittsburgh inspired scents. Includes 4 mini tin candles in scents of the Ballpark, the Towel, the Cookie Table, and the Point. North Ave Candle Amanda knocked it out of the park with this one.


Winter Wonderland

Great from Soyil has a local cult following for her much loved scents. Nothing says the holidays like Winter Wonderland, made right on Mount Washington.


LOVE Candle

This one is near and dear to our hearts, as it is our namesake candle. Bamboo, bergamot, and black tea combine to create this clean scent. We had fun spending an afternoon with Michelle from Brewed To Burn, making it just right.


Pittsburgh Porter

Toasted oats scent this aromatic craft beer inspired candle, hand poured by the Brewed To Burn team. Housed in half a beer bottle, this candle makes the perfect gift for all the beer lovers out there.


Coffee + Chestnut: Nineteen Eighty-Four Candle

Another cozy candle, this one is from the Banned Books Collection, by North Ave Candles. Inspired by Nineteen Eighty-four, burns with a warming, cozy scent of a cup of coffee in your hand and chestnuts roasting.  Feels like we’re in a library right now.


Tire AF

A soy candle with a kick: comes with coffee, hazelnut, and under eye bags. The perfect scent to fuel you through the holiday season hustle, created by Lit Soy Candle Company.


Home for the Holidays

Keep your holiday spirit classy with this sophisticated candle by Kayla of PGH Candle.  It will fill your home with scents of vanilla, almond, and orchid.


Bubbly 2 Burn Black Label

Ready to ring in the new year?  Celebrate with this champagne inspired candleEffervescent, delicate saffron threads infused with apple blossoms, black currants, and blackberries with warm & spicy anise and sparkling amber notes.  

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