8 Gifts for Little Yinzers

Give kiddos locally made toys and treasures this year.  Here are our top 8 fun, cuddly, and cute picks for kids.



Welcome the newest yinzers with this onesie written in Pittsburghese.

Wooden Incline toy

Going up or down?  These tiny funiculars are handmade out of wood.

Small toys

Drive these little toys all around the floor.  They're fun to decorate with paint and markers too.

Three Lil Pigsburgers

This book cracks up parents every time, get yinz a copy n'at.


Super soft and cuddly, with tabs and ribbons for chewing.

Iron on tangram

Creative and crafty kids will love making different shapes out of these tangrams, and then ironing them onto a shirt.

Bow clips

Warning, cute babies plus cute bow clips may result in cuteness overload.

Kreepy dolls

Kreepy in all the best ways, visit our stores to pick out your new favorite kreepy friends.