10 Local Products that are also Sustainable

10 Local Products that are also Sustainable

Sustainability has been a pillar of our values since the start of our operations.  Way back when we just had one store in Mount Washington, it was a priority to operate in an eco-friendly way, which we certified through Sustainable PGH.  Our efforts have continued as we've grown, repeatedly achieving sustainability certifications at all of our love, Pittsburgh stores, donating to sustainable organizations, and now offering carbon neutral shipping on all orders. 

Shopping local is one of the best ways to improve your personal sustainability practices.  If you're looking to make the most impact, here we share 10 standout products that are both local and sustainable.  


1. Vintage Jewelry Re-imagined 

Louie Prior has a passion for repurposing.  She handcrafts new jewelry creations by taking apart vintage jewelry, giving discarded elements new life in updated configurations like in this Beach Comber Necklace.

Or find more jewelry creations in store by Louie Prior and also LaVerne Kemp.


2. Circular Economy Bowties

Knotzland is the queen of promoting and supporting the circular economy, a way in which we reuse materials to reduce waste outputs.  She and her team construct bowties for every style fashion in her Wilkinsburg studio.  Sport this citron beauty at your next summer soiree, or shop all Knotzland bowties


3. Remnant Quilted Clutch

Made from quilts and remnant fabrics, this one of a kind clutch is a sustainable dream.  This clutch is from Otto Finn's Circle Collection, where each piece is named after a heroine and made with organic and sustainable fibers.  

The Ella Clutch is named after the great American Jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald whose voice and tone resonates so deeply with our souls.


4. Natural Wooden Vase

Hand turned by craftswoman Hanna Dausch from spalted tamarind and finished with an eco-friendly matte oil.  This wooden vase is the perfect vessel for dried flowers, a sustainable choice over fresh flowers whos beauty fades after a few days.  Find your perfect sustainable décor by shopping all of Hanna's pieces.


5. Creative Reuse Dolls

The electric character of artist Daniel Baxter is reflected in each of his Kreepy Dolls.  Each Kreepy friend is pieced together in the Kreepy Doll Factory where they take on a unique life through repurposed fabrics, playful limbs (or lack thereof), and names that will make you giggle - no offense Waddle Cakes!

Find your favorite Kreepy Doll here.


6. Salvaged Wood and Tin Art

Kim of Worker Bird has a magical talent to give new life to unsung materials that others may discard.  Her collection of tins and salvaged wood combine to become sweet art pieces like this Heart Tin Art to accent your home without a bit of waste.  


7. Biodegradable Shampoo Bar

Lovett Sundries is a great sustainable choice in regards to all of their products which are packaged in either biodegradable, recyclable, or (even better) reusable containers without plastic.  This Shampoo Bar checks all of those boxes, PLUS it replaces single use plastic containers that most liquid shampoos are sold in.  Treat your hair and the planet! 


8. Upcycled Fabric Notebooks

Kelly's passion for collecting vintage and deadstock fabrics is expressed through her brand toomanysparkles where she uses it as colorful covers of notebooks and sketchbooks.  These inspiring journals are thirsty for capturing the stream of ideas that pop into your head.  We fancy this saturated Honeybunch Sketchbook with a retro feel.


9. Urban Forest Sustaining Cards

If you enjoy the urban forest, i.e. the tree lined streets of Pittsburgh and it's surrounding neighborhoods, you have Tree Pittsburgh to thank.  They support the planting and pruning of the most needy young trees, helping to make the Burgh a greener place to live.  Support their efforts through the purchase of their card packs like this Illustrative Tree Set and decline a bag at our stores so we can add to our regular donations to their organization.  


10. Collectible Vintage Treasures

One of the best ways to shop sustainably is to buy things that are not new, but are new to you.  Vintage shopping is the answer to curating your home with treasures while avoiding waste.  Kelly's Vintage Treasures is a collection suited for just that, and with so many good finds they often don't stay in our stores for long!  Shop goodies like this Coral Stripe Pitcher and stay tuned as new collections are announced as part of our One-of-a-Kind seasonal stories.  


More ways to Support Sustainability

These products are just a few ways you can make more sustainable shopping choices.  Check out these links that share more about our commitment to sustainability and get ideas on how you can support these efforts.

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